Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am really bad at updating this thing!

Not really doing much with the wedding right now...for some reason there seems to not be a whole lot going on. Devin and I are going this weekend to apply for his passport and to pick out the tuxes for the wedding. I already know what I want, now I just have to convince him! The first of my girls dresses have came in, I got the call on Friday that Cali's junior bridesmaids dress has arrived...now I just have to find her shoes (that is one of my gifts for all the girls).

I had my first fitting for my dress awhile back and to my surprise it is slightly too big! I guess that is a good thing. I dont get to try it on again until June when I go for my first fitting. In the meantime I am looking for the perfect shoes.

I have ordered the invitations and they are awesome! I cant wait to get them in. I am still collecting addresses which seems to be such a process. Farrah has graciously volunteered to do the calligraphy for the invites so I really need to get her envelopes ASAP. They will be going out the first part of June.

Hopefully I will get better at updating this thing...and maybe post some pictures soon.

Laura and Devin

Monday, February 9, 2009

Moving Along

The wedding plans are coming along quite nicely. The bridesmaid dresses have officially been ordered (now that all measurements are in), in the process of picking out flower designs and still on the collection of centerpiece bottles (thanks to Kristi-I almost have them all)! Next in the process is picking out shoes, hair accessories, and small details. I think the rest of the big items will come as the day gets closer. We still have 194 days to go...I know! The invitations were ordered last week and once those get in we will send them off to North Carolina because Farrah has graciously agreed to do all the calligraphy! I am currently working on the guest list which is a little out of control but trying to keep everything around 300 people-I hate being on a budget!

My wedding dress should be in very soon and I am looking forward to my first fitting. Hopefully 5:30am gym workouts are going to show!

This past weekend Devin and I went to the Home Show with his mom and dad and got lots of ideas for houses when we are able to build! Oh yeah, I just took my house off of the market after 7 long months of no offers and 30+ showings. We have decided to wait awhile and put it back on the market in the spring/summer! Wish us luck...


Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Started

Why not do a blog, right? Between myspace and facebook I surely can add something else to take up some time.

My reason for this blog is to keep people updated on a few things...1 being the wedding, planning, ideas, etc. and the other being to see the development of our lives together over the next few years! What an awesome way to capture that.

Most of you probably know the wedding date is August 22, 2009. We are getting married in Avon, IN at Bartlett Chapel United Methodist Church and the reception will be immediately following at the Hendricks County Conference Center. Being the planner that I am, most everything is taken care of. I have a caterer, DJ, ordered the cake, bought my dress, photographer..and my aunt and Devin's aunt have graciously agreed to be our florists! I spent most of the day trying to decide where we should go on our honeymoon, leaning toward Cabo San Lucas and something all inclusive (Devin said I can pick wherever I want to go...he doesnt care-yeah for me)!
That is all for today...I will fill you in on more exciting news as it happens!